What is Be Bright?

LED on wood

Iowa Be Bright. Helping you save energy—and money too!

We all want to do our part to protect the environment. And we all like to save money. Here’s an easy way to do both: Change your light bulbs.

Lighting makes up 12% of your electric bill. Swap your incandescent bulbs for a light-emitting diode (LED) light bulb and you’ll save big over the life of your bulb.

Think LEDs are “too expensive?” Here’s what that incandescent bulb really costs you.

Save even more with Be Bright: Iowa utilities’ lighting discount program

Retail LED

Be Bright is a program sponsored by participating utilities.

Thanks to special buy-down program from your utility, Iowa consumers can discover the benefits of more energy-efficient lighting at special low prices!

There are no rebates, no paperwork and no hassles. Just go to your local participating retailer and look for the Be Bright label on the shelves in the lighting department.

This label is your sign that you’re:

  • Purchasing an ENERGY STAR bulb. Which means it meets industry standards for efficiency.
  • Getting a discounted price, thanks to your utility. Compare it to some of the other options and see the difference for yourself.